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Why You Need a Wedding Planner

Congratulations, you're getting married! How wonderful to have found your life partner!

After announcing this exciting news to your friends and family, the next step for most couples is to start planning their wedding. But where to begin? In the age of Pinterest, wedding blogs and Instagram, the wedding options seem endless. And they are! Plus, most couples work full-time jobs or are taking classes or even traveling the world.

This is why a wedding planner is so helpful. A professional wedding planner is an objective professional who can work with you from the beginning of the planning process to the packing up of your wedding day and everything in between. Here is sampling of some of the tasks a wedding planner will help you with:

  1. Develop a wedding budget

  2. Recommend venues

  3. Analyze a space for a tent

  4. Recommend and secure great vendors

  5. Advise on wedding etiquette

  6. Create a floor plan

  7. Keep you on track with your planning timeline

  8. Block hotel rooms for out of town guests

  9. Consult on color themes, florals and lighting

  10. Create a day-of schedule so that your wedding day runs smoothly

  11. And so much more!!

A wedding planner is a vital wedding day presence. Most couples who do not hire a wedding planner will tell you that decision was a big mistake. Here's why: there are so many details to manage at a wedding and who wants to worry about that on the most important day of your lives! Whether you have 20 guests or 200 guests, you want to spend the day celebrating and not checking to make sure the cake has arrived or your wedding party is lined up for the processional. Leaving these tasks to a friend or relative is a mistake as well. They are not professionals and may not know how to handle unexpected situations that always arise during a wedding.

Once you choose the best wedding planner for you, it is important to have open communication and realistic expectations. Here is what a wedding planner cannot do: control the weather or world events, be in two places at one time (unless an assistant is hired as well) and read minds! Otherwise, we are pretty much Wedding Super Heroes! And what makes us the happiest? Watching our couples tie the knot and blissfully dance the night away!

Photo Credit: Stacy M Photo

For more questions about wedding planning please reach out to Events by Gayle at or visit

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