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Favors & Gifts - The Finishing Touch

What better way to thank your guests for attending your special occasion then with a favor. Guests have traveled from both near and far to attend your event; whether it be a wedding, bridal shower, birthday party or even a corporate dinner. A favor is a wonderful symbol of appreciation, and no matter the budget, it's the thought that counts.

There are endless options when it comes to selecting favors. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help narrow down the choices and select the perfect favor:

1. What is the favor budget?

2. Is there a theme for the event?

3. Is there an inspiration board/style for the event?

4. What are the event decor colors?

5. Do you want the favor to appeal to men, women or both?

6. Would you like the favor to be useful or edible?

7. Is there a guest of honor at your event? Do you want a favor that is a good representation of him/her?

8. Can you incorporate an event logo?

I recently worked with a client on a surprise retirement party for her fiancé. She communicated to me that her guests were a mix of corporate co-workers, friends and family. They were a fun, lively bunch. The guest of honor was the head of the corporation, an avid golfer and an almond chocolate bar lover. After I presented a number of options to her, she chose mini Prosecco bottles and almond chocolate bars in custom wrappers. Of course the chocolate bar wrappers would be golf themed. Both items were tucked inside clear cello bags and tied with a beautiful custom label and satin ribbon. Guests absolutely loved it. The favor was an excellent representation of a festive occasion and the joyful, golf-loving guest of honor. Best of all, guests were able to continue the celebrations at home with Prosecco and chocolate!

Events by Gayle offers custom favors for all occasions. Please contact us to help you select the perfect favor or gift!

"Love is Sweet" candy jar with hand tied rustic ribbon (by Events by Gayle)

Prosecco & Custom Wrapped Candy Bar tied with Custom Label (by Events by Gayle)

Confetti Milano Soft Italian Almond Candies in Organza Gift Bags (available through Events by Gayle)

viaONEHOPE Glitter Mini Brut Bottles and Gift Crates (available through Events by Gayle)

Edible Candy Jewels, can be individually wrapped (available through Events by Gayle)

Bat Mitzvah Gift Bags Containing Custom T-shirt, Hand Tied with Ribbon (by Events by Gayle)

Confetti Milano Soft Italian Almond Candies in Pink Gift Boxes (available through Events by Gayle)

Custom Chocolate Quotes from Chocolate Works Darien (available through Events by Gayle)

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