Violins, Cupcakes and Puppies - Showcasing and Networking our Event Planning Business

Showcasing your business is a great opportunity for potential clients to meet you in person and connect. It presents business owners the perfect occasion to link their friendly face to their business. Events by Gayle participated this month in the Gold Coast Connect Networking Expo at the Westport Inn in Westport, CT. This expo was for small business owners and entrepreneurs located in Fairfield County, CT to showcase their businesses. Anyone can be a "mingler" and attend the expo; attendees ranged from local residents to business owners. Since Events by Gayle services social, corporate and non-profit clients, this was a great opportunity to promote our range of offerings. Events by Gayle

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party

Wine tasting parties are a fun, educational and interactive way to bring your guests, clients or friends together. Wine tastings encourage communication amongst the participants in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere. Guests will learn about new varietals, wine regions and the proper way to taste wine. They may even discover a new favorite or two! I recently coordinated a wine tasting bridal shower. I chose wines for the guests that were primarily light and crisp since it was an outdoor summer party, and wines that I knew most guests never experienced. At the start of the tasting, I was met with some resistance by a number of guests. "You don't have Pinot Grigio?", I was asked. I explaine

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