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Fairfield County Wedding Concierge - A New Resource for Engaged Couples & Bridal Vendors

As an Event and Wedding Planner, I have found that referrals are one of the best sources of meeting and booking new clients. I also know that many of my clients choose their vendors through referrals or after meeting the vendor at an event or expo. Oftentimes, it doesn't matter how many places a business advertises or posts on social media; it's good, old-fashioned word of mouth or a face to face introduction that creates the connection!

After working last year on a local, boutique bridal show, my colleague and I decided to create Fairfield County Wedding Concierge, a business connecting local engaged couples to local bridal vendors. This is accomplished through curated bridal shows, vendor networking events, social media posts and a vendor directory on our website.

Our first bridal vendors networking event was held at BeSpoke Designs in Westport, CT. BeSpoke Designs is a luxury invitation shop with a beautiful selection of custom paper products and gifts. During the event, guests learned about the products in the store and also networked with each other and made new connections.

Our second bridal vendors networking "bash" is Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at The Barn at the Audubon Greenwich, in Greenwich, CT. This beautifully restored, rustic barn is available for rental for weddings and events. Approximately 50 guests are expected to attend the Bash. Sponsors for the event will be providing guests with everything from farm to table hors d'oeuvres to craft cocktails and live music. Bridal vendors will have the opportunity to experience the work of their fellow vendors first hand while also enjoying themselves and making new connections.

Fairfield County and Westchester County brides are invited to the first Bridal Fête produced by Fairfield County Wedding Concierge on Sunday, October 14, 2018, also at the Audubon Greenwich. The Bridal Fête will include approximately 50, hand-selected bridal vendors for the discerning couple. This not to be missed event, will take place in both The Barn and in the beautiful Kiernan Hall Gallery in the Audubon Greenwich. Advance admission tickets are currently available. The Fête will feature a book signing with Maggie Lord, founder of Rustic Wedding Chic and author of many popular books on rustic weddings and barn weddings.

Engaged couples and bridal vendors are invited to sign-up on the Fairfield County Wedding Concierge website for our newsletter. Bridal vendors, contact us for more information on our advertisers package, networking events and to participate in the Bridal Fête. Engaged couples, contact us for tickets to the Bridal Fête. Please also follow our Facebook Page and Instagram for information on vendors, bridal tips and other local bridal events.

instagram: @ffldcountyweddingconcierge

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