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Choosing the Perfect Dessert for Your Event

Desserts are the perfect finishing touch to any type of event or special occasion. With endless options, your dessert selection is an excellent opportunity to be unique, creative and "WOW" your guests. Here are some dessert ideas for your next special event:


Working with the right bakery, your cake can be a one of a kind, custom work of art. From themed cakes to cake and cupcake towers, anything is possible. Since the options are limitless, I recommend doing research online to help narrow down the choices. When meeting with the cake designer, it is important to communicate color schemes, themes and design ideas with him/her. Ask to see pictures of cakes they have produced to make sure the designer has the same design style you envision. Don't be afraid to think "outside the cake box". Cake designers love producing fresh ideas and creations. Some questions the cake designer will ask is the type of frosting you desire (fondant or buttercream), the type of cake (chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, etc) and the cake filling. Prices vary depending on how much customization is involved, the type of frosting and filling, size of the cake and delivery distance.

Specialty Chocolates

Artisan, handmade chocolates are another unique dessert choice. Hand sculpted chocolates served plated to your guests are visually beautiful and sophisticated. Or perhaps hand dipped chocolate strawberries or truffles passed on silver platters. Chocolates can be painted, sculpted and come in unique flavors. Keep in mind weather conditions when serving chocolate desserts. An outside event, in the heat of the summer, is obviously not the ideal scenario to serve speciality chocolates. Always keep venue and weather conditions in mind when considering your dessert selection.

Le Rouge, Westport, CT

Le Rouge, Westport, CT

Dessert Bars

Dessert Bars are a popular trend for special events. There are countless options for your dessert bar. Some possibilities include:

A single dessert - examples include chocolate fondue or s'mores

A single dessert with many varieties - examples include a Pie Bar or a Candy Bar

A color theme - Black & white desserts or candies or a pink bar which can include cotton candy and pink frosted cupcakes

A combination of items - cake pops, miniature dessert bars, tarts, on varying platters and heights for interest

Dessert Bars look great with interesting platters and custom signage. Guests with allergies will appreciate a peanut butter pie that is labeled as such.

Homemade Pie Bar, Events By Gayle client

Desserts can be elegant, romantic, fun, nostalgic...whatever your theme or event, there are creative options for you. Pinterest and Instagram are great sites to check out for dessert ideas. Visit your local bakery, chocolate shop, gourmet grocery store. Speak to your caterer and event planner. Perfect events require perfect endings!

Contact Events by Gayle for help planning and designing dessert for your next special occasion. Email us with any questions at

Custom wine bottle cake.

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