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The Difference between Event Planners, Event Designers and Entertainment Specialists

Congratulations, you are having a PARTY! The date is set for your upcoming wedding/corporate function/birthday party....any special occasion. Now you need the perfect professional to help you put all the pieces together. You may decide to do an online search for event planners or party planners and get many different types of businesses come up. It can be confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out who is the right professional for your event. It is also possible you may need a few different professionals in order to make your event a one of a kind success! In order to help you with this process, I will explain the different categories of event professionals:

1. Event Planners

Event Planners are the organizers of your event. We will help you find the perfect venue and vendors based on the specific parameters of your event. Parameters include the type of event you are having, the number of guests expected, preferred location, style or theme of the event, food requirements and any other details required for your event. Event Planners will ask you many of these questions before making their recommendations. We can also help you pick invitations and manage the RSVPs. We will keep track of venue and vendor contracts and let you know when deposits need to be made. Our forte is developing a timeline and making sure that every professional involved in the event knows what is happening and when it is supposed to happen. We may be hired for all of the pre-planning work, day-of coordination or a combination of both. Day-of coordination is an extremely important responsibility. The Event Planner will make sure everything is running smoothly so that you can relax and enjoy the event.

2. Event Designers

Event Designers make your event look beautiful. They will help you have a one-of-a-kind event that reflects your personal style or the vision of your organization. Event Designers have that magical ability to completely transform a blank event space into a work of beauty. Event Designers work with flowers, lighting, draping, specialty linens and props, to name a few, when creating your event. Event Designers will ask you questions such as what is your theme, color choices, favorite flowers, style and budget before making their recommendations and proposal. Both Event Designers and Event Planners can help you with designing the best room layout and flow for your event.

3. Entertainment Specialists

Entertainment Specialists make your event rock! They will suggest the best, seasoned DJ or band based on parameters such as the type of party, number of guests, personal music preferences, venue and budget. Entertainment Specialists have the resources that will make your event a fun time: oversized video games, dancers, glowing DJ booths, video monitors, photo booths, graffiti boards....the possibilities are endless. You want it, they'll get it!

All of these professionals can work together as a team to create the event of your dreams. In today's event industry, the sky's the limit! If you have any questions or comments, please contact Events by Gayle at Happy Planning!!

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